As CEO and President, Peter Davies and Kristin Virshbo serve as the lead system architects and designers for all Castle Rock software, directing a team of talented and experienced software engineers and project managers who oversee the day-to-day details of our projects.

In all of our work, we integrate both the precision and expert understanding of the traffic engineer/planner, and the careful, usability- and aesthetics-focused eye of the graphic designer. We believe that both function and beauty are the keys to successful, effective 511 systems.

511 Hosting

As technology grows and evolves so too does the CARS Group hosting platform. Over the years we have remained dedicated to the principle of providing our customers with one of the most fault-tolerant, available and elastically expandable hosting platform in the industry. This dedication has led to what we have today; a highly available, dynamically scalable hybrid network running in both private and public cloud-based data centers.

Our 511 web and phone systems are specifically designed to handle the sudden, dramatic increases in demand which occur when regional weather events hit. Our systems have successfully handled traffic spikes due to hurricanes in Louisiana, bridge collapses in Minnesota, and winter storms and flash floods in Iowa. Our years of hard-won experience in insuring websites and phone systems are available when they are in the most demand are evident the responsivness of our services even when under severe traffic load.

24/7 Ops & Support

A cornerstone of Castle Rock is our dedication to providing exceptional service and technical support to our clients. In the event of an emergency, clients can reach a live answering service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and have their call returned by a Castle Rock staff member within minutes.

Castle Rock also employs an extensive monitoring system that allows our Operations staff to view trends and detect outages as early as possible. Upon detecting system behavior outside of preset parameters, these systems automatically email and page Operations staff, who are able to proactively resolve issues before clients are affected.

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